Creation Mural

Creation Mural


This is the mural I did in collaboration with James Bullough. It is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (S 6th & Wythe Av) in one side of TBA Club. James hands gravitate around my concept of Creation. In the center up, I did a Merkabah, which is a divine light vehicle that allows a person to ascend into the higher worlds -“However, this is impossible to obtain until something changes within the person…”- It is believed that the Merkabah can be turned on by meditation.

Under, there are 3 main triangles, the bigger center one represents the symmetric duality of everything (the universal). The left one holds a beautiful growing chaos, that’s us, the Humans. The right one holds a deer within representing Nature.

This is not the finished mural photo but I like it a lot as the winter light definitively add some magical divinity to the image.



Wall prep process…



Tracing took me forever… love clean lines!!!



Color starting to take over…


2 tba detail 

Magical Deer Detail